Book Promotion 101

Watching the roller coaster sales figures for Fiona I can empathize with anyone who has written a book and would like a sure-fire method for promoting sales. But snagging a three year sentence in a Bangkok prison? Maybe I'll stick to writing my LiteratEye column and hoping for the best.


Double Your Money?

Fiona has been available on Amazon for about two months ($19.95 plus shipping) and has already popped up on another major bookseller site, AbeBooks in the United Kingdom. I really don't understand how this works but the price there is more than double: $44. plus shipping, and that is U.S. dollars...

Remembering a Master Hoaxer

My LiteratEye column for this week focuses on author Keven McQueen and his profile of a master of the journalistic hoax, Joe Mulhattan. Read it here.

Abe Lincoln, Mystery Writer

This is a new one on me ... Abe Lincoln wrote a short mystery story, found here.