Write Like Sarah Palin Contest

SLATE internet magazine is sponsoring a "write like Sarah Palin" contest, and even offers a few examples of her prose for those who don't plan to read the book. Reminds me of an anecdote about the time the Statesman ran a Graham Greene write-alike contest. Greene entered and came in third.


Friend or Faux?

That is the title of an exhibition at the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia presenting and explaining various forgeries, fakes, altered originals and imitations. Some of the masters, for instance Joseph Cosey, are featured.


MS. Found In the Castle's Attic, Part Two

Here's one to send those of you who happen to live in castles scurrying off to the attic. The manuscript found while rooting around in a trunk in the castle attic went off to auction and fetched a hefty sum.


Sobran on Shakespeare's Identity

I had the privilege of acquaintance with journalist Joe Sobran during my all-to-lengthy tour of duty in Washington DC. Unfortunately I was into governmental and political deception rather than the literary sort and so missed an opportunity to talk Shakespeare with him. Here's a discussion along with several reviews of his book revealing The Bard's true identity ... maybe.