One Less eBay Forger

If you bought from this guy on eBay, your signed first edition is probably signed by him, not by the author. One of many forgers working the "signed first" scam over the Internet, no doubt. And what of victims, do they just take the hit or do they pass it on?


The Druid Forgeries

About three quarters of the way down in this review you'll meet Iolo Morganwg, whose forgeries assisted greatly in creating the Druids as we know them today.


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Long Lost History of a Legendary Fraud

Here's the inside story on the original Ponzi as detailed in a lost (and, obviously, now found) manuscript.


Big-Hearted Harrison Forged Beatles' Sigs

George Harrison seems to have forged the signatures of his fellow Beatles to grant the wish of a dying youngster. Story indicates that wasn't the only time.