Who You Callin' a Liar?

In the dust-up over inaccuracies and possible fabrications in the memoir of a young African pressed into military service by guerrillas, seems like everyone is calling everyone a liar.

A Plagiarist Stole His Granny

This article is kind of long-winded but the point is interesting, direct plagiarism may be easy to catch if the original appears on the Net, but a clever text doctor can work around that.


Forbidden Lie$

"Did author Norma Khouri con more than half a million readers, publishers and journalists across fifteen countries?" Really great YouTube trailer on this documentary on Norma Khouri's best-selling web of lies.


Murderers, Rapists, Pig Thieves?

A $10-million lawsuit over reporting on blood feuds in the New Guinea highlands.


Bad News, Baseball Fans

A lengthy but quite informative interview on fraud in the baseball autograph field. 


The Boss is a Real Nazi

Business students in India are turning to Adolph Hitler for advice on how to achieve their goals.


Secret Writing

Edgar Allan Poe issued a challenge to readers. Can you solve it? 



Churchill "Wrongly Fired"

A university cannot fire a tenured professor just because he steals the work of others and claims it as his own, categorizes innocent murdered Americans as "Nazis," spouts outrageous bullshit as "history," claims a heritage that isn't his, and that sort of thing. There's no single link I'd recommend for exploring the issue; here's a starting point.

Categorizing Castaneda

This week's LiteratEye column focuses on that man of mystery and mischief, Carlos Castaneda. The column has been described by one critic as "wonderful -- interesting, amusing, thought-provoking." OK, so that "critic" is web site host Joey Skaggs -- check it out at, maybe you'll agree with him.


Telling It Like It Is...Maybe

Here's the way it is in regard to information - anything you see or hear these days -- from a filmmaker who worked with Norma Khouri, the memoirist liar from Jordan (I mean, Chicago) who won hearts and made big bucks with her story of abuse and pursuit by Muslim fanatics. Anna Broinowski, an independent filmmaker, says viewers should leave the theater "not just questioning Norma, but questioning our own judgment, the system that created Norma, and indeed the filmmaker herself. Trust no-one. Think first. Believe nothing you are told..." See the interview.