Jack Kerouac's Estate Fuels Family Feud

There are many articles on allegations of a forged will and other problems afflicting those who have or hope to profit from the remaining estate of the King of the Beats. This article does a great job of wading through the thick of the controversies.


At the bottom of a trunk, in an old castle...

"Lost manuscript" stories always catch my eye. This one actually may be true. Then again, could be hype to boost the take at auction.


Woodward and Bernstein Hoax?

I don't know where this is headed but a professor who appears to have done his homework is giving a lecture on the famous investigative reporters' relationship with Deep Throat from the "hoax" angle. He's got a book coming out. We'll keep an eye on this one.


Risky Business

Don't think I'd care to be the ghost writer who apparently forged an endorsement by Nelson Mandela for a book "by" another African leader known for conducting military coups. "Paris-based Michel Lafon, which first published the book in French earlier this year, said Sassou-Nguesso provided the preface and offered no further comment."


Holocaust Hoaxers

It really seems a sin that anyone would make up a story about having been through the Holocaust. Here's an author who has asked, "why?"

So, Now Columbus is a Spaniard

A new book "proves" Columbus was Catalan. And his name wasn't really Columbus, that was the name of a pirate he worked with at one time.