True-Life Novel

A new genre to answer to the dilemma of the false memoir? At least in the historical field it should be helpful. As far as a person making up lies about their own their own life, that's still a crock no matter how it's labeled. You have to read down into the story for the explanation of the term, "true-life novel."


Five Plus Stars for Joe Queenan!

The satirist tackles Amazon amateur reviews, gotta love it.


The Disappearance of Gertrude Beasley

Did they lock her up to shut her up? Beasley's disappearance may be solved but there are questions still to be answered.


Lucrative Racket: Fake Dust Jackets

The dust jacket adds substantially to the value of a collectible book, so naturally there's a brisk trade in reproductions. Nothing wrong with a reproduced jacket marked "facsimile," but many of them aren't.


Digging For Shakespeare

Yep, there's another candidate for the real Shakespeare and some folks want to dig him up.


Stern Lawsuit Moves Forward

A judge has ruled that Howard Stern's lawsuit against the author of a tell-all focusing on Anna Nicole Smith can proceed.